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Title: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: mike_sweden on March 09, 2021, 08:44:37 AM
Remedy said to oxygenize the colon, killing off candida


Extrem tr?tthet, kl?da i underlivet, mental dimmighet, kronisk halsbr?nna, tjocktarmskatarr, gasbildning, f?rstoppning, sura uppst?tningar, rapningar, diarr?, hemorrojder, slem i avf?ringen, akut magkatarr, uppsv?lld buk, d?lig matsm?ltning, f?rstoppning, kl?da i ?ndtarms?ppningen, buksm?rtor, kl?da, psoriasis, flagnande hud, utslag, torr hud, akne, synfl?ckar framf?r ?gonen, rinnande ?gon, suddig syn, nattblindhet, sveda i ?gon, f?rs?mrad syn, kronisk ?goninflammation, ?roninfektioner, v?tska i ?rong?ngen, hosta, bel?ggning p? tungan, postnasalt dropp, d?lig andedr?kt, muskelv?rk, stela leder, muskelsvaghet, ledv?rk, svullna leder, t?ppt n?sa, droppande n?sa, snuva, njurinfektioner, urinl?ckage, urinv?gsinfektioner, urintr?ngningar, sveda vid urinering, d?lig blodcirkulation, h?snuva, n?sselfeber, k?nslighet mot f?do?mnen, k?nslighet mot m?gel, kronisk bih?leinflammation, astma, k?nslighet mot kemikalier, parfymer etc., yrsel, balanssv?righeter, s?mnproblem, stickande/domnande k?nslor, vikt?kning, viktminskning, kraftigt matbeg?r, aptitl?shet, extrema hum?rsv?ngningar, nerv?st bet?ende, d?ligt minne, huvudv?rk, uppr?rdhet, irritation, koncentrationssv?righeter, depression, apati och sj?lvmordstankar.

De v?rsta symtomen orsakade av Candida ?r nog ?nd? de mentala. Alla dessa gifter i kombination med d?liga n?ringsv?rden st?ller till psyket rej?lt. Man kan bli sj?lvmordsben?gen och k?nna att man inte orkar leva l?ngre. Man blir s? oerh?rt tr?tt och ingen f?rst?r hur d?ligt man m?r. Man f?rst?r inte ens sj?lv vad som ?r fel vilket g?r att man sj?lv till slut b?rjar fundera p? om det inte sitter i huvudet p? en. Tro inte det! H?r ?r det oftast toxiner fr?n Candida som sp?kar.



Extreme fatigue, abdominal itching, mental fog, chronic heartburn, gastritis, flatulence, constipation, acid regurgitation, belching, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, mucus in the stool, acute gastritis, bloated abdomen, indigestion, constipation, pruritus, itching of the rectum , psoriasis, flaky skin, rash, dry skin, acne, blemishes on the eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, night blindness, burning eyes, impaired vision, chronic eye inflammation, ear infections, fluid in the ear canal, cough, coating on the tongue, postnasal drip, bad breath, muscle aches, stiff joints, muscle weakness, joint pain, swollen joints, stuffy nose, dripping nose, runny nose, kidney infections, urine leakage, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, burning when urinating, poor blood circulation, hay fever, nausea, mumps, mumps chronic sinusitis, asthma, sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, etc., dizziness, balance difficulties, sleep problems, stinging / numbness , weight gain, weight loss, strong appetite, loss of appetite, extreme mood swings, nervous behavior, poor memory, headache, agitation, irritation, difficulty concentrating, depression, apathy and suicidal thoughts.

The worst symptoms caused by Candida are probably the mental ones. All these toxins in combination with poor nutritional values ​​make the psyche really. You may become suicidal and feel that you can no longer live. You get so incredibly tired and no one understands how bad you feel. You do not even understand yourself what is wrong, which means that you yourself eventually start to think about whether it is not in your head. Do not believe it! Here it is usually toxins from Candida that haunt.

Title: Re: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: mike_sweden on March 10, 2021, 09:34:26 AM
I will also only eat meat + green salad + olive oil for 2 months
Title: Re: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: mike_sweden on April 10, 2021, 10:08:11 AM
this oxycolon, magnesiumoxide is very good against constipation, will continue using it

diet is working out good, very big improvement in digestion and almost no bloating at all
Title: Re: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: BoneBroth on April 10, 2021, 03:26:43 PM
Magnesium oxide works for me. I had very slow bowel movements last year, sometimes emptying poop only once in a week with huge difficulty. I started taking the supplement NORDEBO MAGE ( with magnesiumoxide, aloe vera and some laxidative herbs and wooosh! the poop turned from hard and slow to almost diarrhea within only two days. If I take two capsules at breakfast its almost too much, one capsule keeps the poop regulary and soft but solid consistency. Now I seemed to be developed an addiction because when I stop taking the pills I'm back to the slow and hard poop again. My chineese doctor said the poop stops at the beginning of the large intestine and cause gas production because of week kidneys. I've started to belive that every POIS symptom are indirect symptoms of damaged organs due to long term inflammation and auto-immunity. Each and every of the pois symptoms could be assosiated with one organ. Luckily organs can heal well if taking the appropriate nutritional approach and other natural terapies.
Title: Re: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: mike_sweden on May 18, 2021, 01:54:25 PM
the anticandida medicin oxycolon did when i took a lat of it get my stomach going and i felt much better

i have a persistant constipation and this solved it

however these pills seemed a bit too strong to take for a longer time so i am now off them

i am replacing them with a lot of daily olive oil intake, which also helps my stomach
Title: Re: Gonna try OxyColon
Post by: berlin1984 on May 18, 2021, 03:15:12 PM
this oxycolon, magnesiumoxide is very good against constipation, will continue using it

I think oxycolon is not mainly about magnesiumoxide. Maybe the magnesium is for the laxative effect.
"Progast Gastrointestinal Support Oxy-Colon Cleanse 10 Capsules contains ozonated magnesium oxides"
From what I see from googling around, it's about the ozone-ized (O3).

Same principle as in:
I also started with the Rizol oil therapy. As I wrote, it's about ozenoated oil going into your body (together with the essential oils) and giving off the surplus O and killing of pathogens by that.
After my last teeth cleaning session at the dentist in february/march, I also had 3 sessions of cleaning gums with an ozone lamp.

(just my theory, I'm not a doctor or scientist)