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Title: Drawing of blood
Post by: Muon on January 10, 2021, 02:59:30 PM
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Title: Re: Drawing of blood
Post by: Muon on March 24, 2021, 12:03:10 PM
"This was an old post and I had forgotten about it.  We did find I had too thick blood.  Had issues with Factor 8 and Collagen Binding and a one time positive on APS (so that is a question still).  Instead of a blood thinner, I use enzymes to keep my blood thinner.  I couldn't do the aspirin due to MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome).  But part of my problem was this and I also have to vasodilate my veins slightly and not constrict them.  With my subtype of HyperPOTS, this is a different way of dealing with my POTS than the traditional way of doing things with those with lower BP.  Mine tends to be higher.  Mild calcium channel blocking "type" medicine also helps with dilation of my veins and has been a big help when my alternative things don't work as well.  We all have very individual journeys.  What works for one won't work for another."
"I have thick blood due to protein s deficiency and I also have POTS. My dr put me on a baby aspirin but before that I would get Iv fluids and that always made me feel much better. Make sure you stay really hydrated."
"my antiGAD is high"
"get flu like symptoms within 4-7 hrs, depending on how much blood was drawn"

#immune cells/sec going through tissue goes down. APS is also implied.

I told a few doctors in the past (Inc Waldinger 2013) that I had the feeling my blood acts like syrup regarding resistance of circulation, especially at that time. I also had surgery on my leg done, they stitched the wound but balls of blood formed inside and had to be opened up to get them removed.