Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (P.O.I.S.)

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Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings or Not? (

Vitamin D levels (

Ethnicity (

 Age of onset of POIS symptoms (

Stress (

Why are you not donating? ( N

Are there any Vegan POIS sufferers?  (

Pseudoparkinsonism (

Have you ever had any of these before?(conditions) (

POIS: how long it lasts (

Would you do it Animus style? (

Sensitivity at the cowper glands area and the urethra after ejaculation (

Allergy to raw eggs and/or raw milk  (

Which other disorders/life long diseases do you have?  ( N

Chickenpox and POIS (

GARLIC PILLS poll: Odour Vs Odourless? (

Easily catch a cold in Pois ? (

Do you have problems with your weight? (

Do you have children? (

Easy to Put on Muscle? (

Have you ever been get caught? ( N

Daily Computer Screen Usage (

Do you bite your fingernails? (

are you affected by POIS when you are TRULY in love with someone? (

How will this End? (

Are your POIS symptoms predominantly:Cognitive or flu-like? (

Hereditary Disease ( N

Getting rid of pois symptoms --> b3 + O (

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and POIS? ( N

Urogenital problems (

Does orgasm affect body composition? (

Orgasm Frequency (

POIS by personality type (

Have you got dental mercury amalgams? ( N

POIS Symptoms by Age ( N

Are you a vegetarian? (

Stomach related symptoms  ( N

Marijuana (

Tonsils and POIS (

Is your 2nd orgasm of the day MUCH more intense? (

Avg hours of sleep per night (

How much exercise do you get each week? (

Sun Exposure (

Change Condition Name? ( N

How long do your POIS symptoms last? (

POIS by Genetic Relation ( N

Fevers Prior to POIS  ( N

Masturbation vs porn vs sex (

Circumcised? (

Military service or parents in the military? (

POIS by Profession (

Smoking (

Detailed Symptoms ( N

When under POIS does a Niacin O help? (

Prolactin levels - If have it checked (

How would you describe your way of living as kids and teenagers ? (Health) (

Which Blood Group do you have ? (


Hypoglycemia (

Temporary relieved or still POIS doomed ? (

Ceruloplasmin (

POIS symtoms curve (

Hot or cold (


How many have swollen package afterwards? (

Vaccine ( N

Masturbation frequency before POIS (

What is POIS? (

Best sleep how soon after POIS? (

Feel that mild POIS? ( N

Niacin poll (

Dopamin leve (

Do you have any Skeletal Problems? (

Any of your parents Smoker? (

Antisperm Antigan Antibody Test (

POIS attack by pressing testicles (

Erections (

Premature ejaculation (

Have you taken Progesterone for POIS? ( N

Summer symptoms (

Nocturnal emission (

How much do you weigh? ( N

Mercury Exposure (

How High Is Your Sex Drive? (

Pyyrole disorder (

How many of you with POIS have been previously diagnosed with ADHD? (

Childhood Sexual Abuse ( N

Since what age POIS started showing symptoms ? (

POIS and Dizziness (

Does looking/staring at hot women cause you symptoms ? (

Gluten... An allergy? (

POISer's population (

Correlation with chronic sinusitis ( N

About your childhood ? (

How many feels allergic to caffiene and is caffiene free (

Constipation and POIS (

Family history of dementia (

Is POIS 100% linked to O ? (

Is there anyone who has dysphalgia ? (

Amalgam Fillings (

Tonsil operation is there a link (

intolerance high contains of salt anyone ? (

pb with shower (

the link between nicotin, coffee, hot shower, oliv oil, vitamin c (

free symptoms at 100%, yes it s possible (

Did you feel someting happen in the neck (

Poll #1 for POIS Research Team: Onset of Symptoms (

Poll #2 for POIS Research Team: End of Symptoms (

Unable to urinate in public? (

Poll #3 for POIS Research Team: Survey of Symptoms (

can u tolerate high histamine food ? (

Delivered by C-Section? (

How many here had a vasectomy. ( N

Allergy or neurological (

Decreased kidney function? (

Do you get lightheadedness (orthostatic hypotension) after E? (

Weight percentile vs age (

Have you ever had a spine injury? (

How many is using psych meds ( N

Conspiration theory or how I've learned to pay attention to small details and be paranoid (

Social Media App for instant messaging between forum members (

Does your father or brother suffer from POIS (if you have discussed it with them) (

Link between family mental health issues & POIS (

Whats your age? (

seminal fluid ( N

Weight (

Anybody else feel foggy or anxious after taking probiotics? (

Are your eyes floaty after an O / during a POIS episode? (

Did you ever had a testicular surgery or circumcision ? (

Different types of POIS (based on the duration of the recovery process) (

Tinnitus and sound coming from head (

POISER Morphology (

Can we have a strong speech and be that charismatic on POIS? (

Surgery before POIS ( N

How long does your sexual activity last? (

Do you have Premature Ejaculation or Nocturnal Ejaculation? (

Pois after bee sting ( N

Do you have Candida? (

POIS relief (

Desensitization (

Do you have insomnia? (

Allergies (

Atomoxetine , ADHD - non stimulant drug. (

Do you still have your tonsils? (

Are there muscle problems related to your Cognitive problems? (

Considering just the last time you experienced an orgasm, were your POIS symptoms so unusual or intense that you spoke to a physician? (

How much time after arousal/emission do you begin feeling POIS Symptoms? (

Shrinking of testicles (

Seasonal allergies ( N

Brain fog (

You decide to go as a POIS research study volunteer, is Los Angeles ok as a destination for you? (

Coffee! How many do you drink per day? (

Do your parents have allergies or sensitvities? (

What is your experience using SSRI's (etc) and POIS? ( N

Osteoporosis (

Reporting POIS (

Do you sweat a lot? (

Other triggers? (

POIS induced autism (

Sensitivities as a child (

Bell's Palsy (

Skeletal abnormalities (

Vitamin D ( N

Dump & Clean impression? (

Do you feel parts of your body being squeezed after ejaculation? (

Testosterone (

Stress Susceptibility (

Level of Education (

Disappearance of POIS symptoms? (

Do you have an impaired sense of smell in POIS? (

Hypermobility (

Dysautonomia (

Intelligence ( N

POIS without ejaculation? (

List of conditions (

Fatter neck (double chin) after orgasm (

Overmasturbation (

Stress and anxiety: Cause or effect? (

Gender (male/female) (

Global distribution of poisers (

Vitamins & Minerals (

Sugar as standalone trigger or as aggravating factor? (

Which symptom cluster are you in? (

Sensitive nose (

Spine Curvature/Do you have twisted posture/hump? (

Levels of the 4 amino acids present in semen. ( N

overmasturbation (

POIS and opportunity to army officer (

Refractory Period ( N

Length of orgasm ( N

Extremely fatigued before bowel movement (slow transit constipation) ( N

(Northern Hemisphere) Which months do you think you suffer POIS more than others ( N

Are you more or less susceptible to colds, flu etc? (outside post-orgasm) ( N

What do you think the solution to POIS will end up being? (

When your pois appeared? ( N

How pleasurable are your average orgasms? (

Varicocele (

Lactose Intolerance (

Circulatory changes (Blood) (

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) (

Ejaculate volume (

Birth month (

Cracking or Popping foot joint when rotating the foot (not joint pain) ( N

Consistently Low White Blood Cells Count (

Does technology use impact ur POIS? (

MCAD (Mast cell activation disease) diagnostic mediators (

Pets (

Birth year (

Body Height (male only poll) (

Age of mother at your birth (

Take a breath and hold it for (HOW LONG?) seconds ( N

Did POIS impact libido? (

Time of day and POIS (circadian/diurnal) (

Prostate (

Did you have acne in the face as a teenager? ( N

Healthcare and POISers (

Maintaining erection post-orgasm (

Strength/intensity of orgasm and symptoms (

Amount of ejaculate and symptoms (

Bloated/swollen belly (

Blood pressure during POIS (

Semen volume change/refill since getting POIS (

Fordyce spots/pearly penile papulas (Male) (


Did you/your parents come in contact with Chernobyl fallout clouds? (

Calorie intake and POIS (

POIS spontanously disappearing (

Dryness and wrinkles (

Changes in respiratory rate (qualitative) (

Nipple stimulation (

What's your normal blood pressure? (

Youngest Child Syndrome (

Do you have any of those symptoms assosiated with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom)? (

Buteyko control pause score (

How does your stool (poop) change during POIS? (

Difference in heart rate between lying down and standing (

Respiratory Rate (

Are you trying out POIS treatments? (

Were you born normally and breastfed? (

Your mother: Intravaginal semen sensitivity? (

Cortisol levels (

Sunscreen (

Brain fog and Abstinence? (

Ingestion of semen (

Hypothalamus deficiency symptoms (

Drawing of blood (

Cat-Scratch Disease (