Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (P.O.I.S.)

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Title: need to help
Post by: emirnazim on April 05, 2018, 01:44:36 AM
Hello poisers

im new one and have some question . maybe sound crazy but ill ask you :

one of the most important symptoms of pois is fatigue . i want to know if is it the same  ((extreem need for sleep))?  and also after pois attack can  much sleeping  be  related to this pois ?     may be  much sleeping  is differ from sense of fatigue ....

2- is pois related to releasing more semen during ejaculation ? i mean the volume of semen that is between 7 to 8 ml .
Title: Re: need to help
Post by: Quantum on April 05, 2018, 07:22:10 AM
Hi Emirnazim,

1- POIS sure can cause both extreme fatigue, and higher need for sleep than usual.  Both are connected, of course.  But it seems that POIS can resist a couple of good night sleep.  Usually, when we are very tired, we have a good night sleep and wake up ok.  But it is possible in POIS that it takes more than ne good night sleep to recover.

2- Volume of semen do not seem to be a factor.  Some even have POIS symptoms with a few drops of pre-cum or of semen.  However, it may have an influence in your case, because no two POISers have exactly the same pattern.  Just try to notice if your symptoms are always worth when you have a higher volume of semen.   In my personal case, the quantity of semen has no effect.  However some say that if they have a more intense orgasm, POIS will be worst, so if higher volume = more intense O for you, it may have an effect ( Note that for some, it is the opposite - if O is better, POIS is less intense)
Title: Re: need to help
Post by: emirnazim on April 05, 2018, 10:45:22 AM
Hi Quantum

you are completely  right .  need for sleeping after ejaculation for me lasts at least 3 day  .and i can not recover my self for by only one day full resting and sleeping . next days i also should sleep and feel that those were not enough and i sleep for 3 day continuously at least 14 hour until my body cut itself the need for sleep . during this 3 days i also have no enthusiasm for doing anything .and also my brain can not catch the things that i am trying to learn . :-\  this POIS affected me in getting job too . because my mood is changing in the period of week at least one or two time .  some time i have enough energy to start sth but the day after may be i have not enough energy to persue my goal ... :-[  im tring to know and detect  what type of POIS i have  and take me under control at least .
Title: Re: need to help
Post by: uhtred sonof on May 21, 2018, 03:35:13 AM
To me it feels like I can't sleep well the night following orgasm, and there is major sleepiness during the day as a result. I try to avoid napping so I can sleep well at night, but this results in a sleepiness so profound, and such a conflict with the body's signals to be awake. It feels like this clash of opposite forces creates most of the other symptoms like anxiety, inflexible heart, increased allergic symptoms etc.