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Title: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: FloppyBanana on September 29, 2015, 03:16:04 PM
Hi All,

I believe I am only the second person to try the drug Mytelase - the first person being Outsider. I have waited a month before sharing anything to minimise any placebo effect.

So I have tried Mytelase a few times now and each time it has in my view been 100% effective in stopping POIS. The first time I took it I believe I experienced what it is like for a "normal" guys to have sex. No excessive sweating, bundles of energy and wanting to go for it a second time (I have refrained for doing this so far as it's still initial stages).

This has been a life changing experience for me and I believe Mytelase is extremely close to tackling root of my type of POIS.

For the record, my type of POIS has:

1) Unable to have showers in POIS as it increases inflamation
2) Unable to drink caffiene in POIS without feeling very agitated

I also respond to taking progesterone.

I got the drug from France as it is not that easy at all to get it in the UK because it is not on the preferred supply list. Mytelase is cheap at only 7 Euros for a bottle 50 tablets.

A special thanks goes out to Outsider who explained his successful dosed regime and how to avoid the drug making you feel nauseous. I know how long it can take to get this right as it took me 6 months to work out how to best take progesterone. Having the right dosage meant I was able to get the best results on the first shot (no pun intended). THANKS OUTSIDER!!!!!!

Mytelase is not available in the US legally as the license has run out. It is distributed in four european countries; France, Hungary, Czeck Rep and Poland. It can also be legaly shipped to anywhere in Europe.

I will provide updates shortly at some point soon.

p.s. I'm about to get married next month and this is the best present I could every imagine:-)

Title: Re: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: FloppyBanana on April 24, 2016, 02:58:45 AM

I just wanted to give you a small update. Unfortunately I have have had some issues with using Mytelase. It seems to consistently work at the event of O, however, often now I get POIS triggered a few days later. Last time was a week later (that was/is very distressing).

I worked out (what I believe) that the prevention of spasms and stimulation of the nerves, muscarinic receptors causes an increase of semen production. This happens at sex and days after (problem).

I tried glycopyrrolate with Mytelase and I had some good results. Sperm reduction was achieved (These meds are to be handled with caution). However this playing with the nerves causes changes in the digestive system, so I take something to loosen my bowels up for a few days after, otherwise digestion is not comfortable.

You can get glycopyrrolate with Neostigmine as one medication but I cannot get it from a Doctor. The amazing results I achieved when first using Mytelase unfortunately didn't fill my expectations of having a more or less POIS free life (I know we have all felt hope too much sometimes).

With POIS for me sometimes you just want to have a couple weeks with no sex, however this is extremely difficult once you step on the ACH blocker (Mytelase) rollercoaster. This is only my personal experience and I confided with OUTSIDER and he advised he didn't have same problems as me (We both have severe POIS) when using Mytelase.

So, in summary I can only have sex once a week (can be a couple of times in one session) and even so I sometimes get very bad POIS attacks days after the event. When this happens out of the blue (because its not through having sex) I use progesterone. The really distressing thing about these non sex POIS attacks is they creeps up on you so slowly and it's not until something  goes wrong in the real world do you realise how bad your state is. If you shoot at least you know what you up against for the next 7 days and how to plan medication. I realised that I could sometimes see lots of bubbles when I went to the toilet and this indicated the start of one of these non sex POIS episodes. It was the presence of semen I believe.

My feeling is that taking Mytelase means that you regularly have to have sex (even if you or your partner don't want it. Not very romantic eh). That way you can expel the build up of semen in a controlled way.

I feel so strongly that the presence of the sticky stuff (semen) causes POIS. Thus it is not related to orgasm causally. This I believe is proved because if I take Mytelase early in the morning (8am) then do an hour meditation, with obviously no sexual thoughts at all, then semen starts to trickle out of my penis (causing POIS). This never happens without taking Mytelase. So, stimulation of muscarinic receptors seems to cause semen production.

If stimulation of the vagus nerve works I believe it will only reduce symtoms once they have been triggered. Not saying the research is a bad thing. Of course great if they can prove POIS exists!

I heard Dr Waldinger is currently doing a study to find immunological markers for semen. It's been over a year now since that got funding. I hope we could get some sort of feedback from him even it were extremely small eg something like "yes I still working on this!". For all we know the work could have stopped for ethical reasons or others reasons.

Title: Re: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: Quantum on April 24, 2016, 07:49:16 AM
Thanks FB for this update, you share very useful information in it.

I, for one, think that POIS is not linked to orgasm in itself, but to any event where semen or a part of semen comes in contact with some undefined part of the urethra or ducts it passes through ( the POIS reaction begins locally, but cascading metabolic events eventually affect the brain - but in my opinion, POIS does not start in the brain). That "sticky stuff" that comes up in your urine would explain the POIS triggering.  That is why also some members have POIS  while only edging, or after a bowel movement causing a prostate leak, or when ejaculation occurs without O. 

It is a good thing you have progesterone to cope with those unpredictable POIS attacks, which are not unlike a NE occurring at the wrong time.

Thanks again for your sharing, FB
Title: Re: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: COLM_2 on April 24, 2016, 11:26:07 AM
Also thanks Floppy,

I had been wondering how the MyTelease and progesterone was going with you.

Very interesting to hear yourself and Qunstum discuss root causes of pois after collective decades battling and reflecting on the symptoms and causes.

Also, I am curious to hear more about if Dr. Waldinger is going ahead with his study in the Netherlands.

Perhaps this additional study focused on his belief around the causes may reduce the amount of data we will be exposed to soon in the current study and the Dr. Komisaruk research team's statement 3 of 4, but hopefully we will get full and helpful data and a full published research report by early 2017, one that will enable us all to get help from a qualified health professional who believes in the condition rather than having to take risks with our health in trying various meds and supplements.

Certainly that credibility would be a good outcome of this, to help guys not feel so isolated.

All the best,

Title: Re: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: FloppyBanana on September 04, 2016, 02:21:19 PM
Hi All,

I have some goods news! I have worked out to get better results using Mytelase. First of all I have considerably reduced the dosage! Instead of taking 6 tablets before O, I just one before O and then one 36 hours after O. What I worked out is that taking Mytelase within 36 hours of shooting likely triggers POIS.
So here's how it works:

Exercise while taking Mytelase stimulates nervous system very much. So what I have been doing is having one tablet on empty stomach in the afternoon waiting 30 mins then go for 30 mins walk. Then have sex then go for another 30 min walk then have sex again (about an hour to two in between O). In the following 36 hours a take a small amount (15mg) of progesterone. Once the 36 hours is up take again one Mytelase tablet on empty stomach then go for a walk for at least one hour. Longer if possible. Soon after the exercise it feels like your body is retuning to normal. Basically my POIS hardly lasts no more than 40 hours now and I take hardly any medication.

Hear is the speculation part. Through my experiences I am pretty sure that taking an ACH blocker like Mytelase and using an electronic nerve stimulate would have the effect of doing this exercise but be likely to target the base of the Vagus nerve more directly. So I look forward to that.

Also I think it is worth noting that after doing the post O exercises at 36 hours I get a lot of benefit doing meditation. The muscles are flexible and the are no spasms in the muscles.

Sometimes I take benedril at night because I feel a bit wired because of the medication. I also need to careful about drinking coffee in this state as it can mean I am awake all night! So for me coffee can start again 72 hours post O.

I think it is worth mentioning that Mytelase does not cross the blood brain barrier. However using Mytelase post O after 36 hours and then doing light exercise seem to total restore cognitive abilities. So for me at least I believe the imbalance is not in the brain as I previously thought could be possible. Now I actually think my brain works very well.

I hope this helps! It was pure chance I stubbled upon this method and it has worked consistently for nearly three months now. That's why you haven't heard from me for a long time!

All the best! FB
Title: Re: Effective Treatment for my POIS - Mytelase
Post by: Quantum on September 04, 2016, 07:30:15 PM
Hi FB!

Thanks for your update on mytelase use in POIS.  I will add this info to my POIS types chart.

I am glad that you have found something that consistently works for you.

It is interesting to note that a product not crossing the blood brain barrier ( BBB) is effective against central nervous system symptoms. But many substances do cross the BBB, and maybe mytelase blocks the formation of a substance that would eventually cross the BBB and causes cognitive and emotional symptoms.  But until we know more about the cause ( or causes) of POIS, it is hard to figure out why mytelase, or anything not crossing the BBB, brings relief in POIS brain symptoms in some cases.