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I've been taking between 1000-1200 mg daily of mostly alpha gpc, but also experimenting with throwing in some cdp choline as well, for the past 2-3 weeks. Also eating 2 eggs on most of those day. I will probably also continue to add more supplemental choline. I gotta say, the initial results are promising.

Others have already pointed out that symptoms of choline deficiency and acetylcholine issues seem to perfectly match our symptoms. I seem to have problems during POIS with everything the vagus nerve is connected to: eyes, voice, lungs, digestion, muscle tightness, short term memory and recalling words. Even chronic recurring constipation and very high eye sensitivity to light outside of POIS.... Both things that are controlled by the vagus nerve. I even posted a while ago that a sleep tracking app showed I was completely skipping over REM sleep while in POIS, and acetylcholine is needed for REM sleep.
The biggest issue for me was complete lack of control over anxious feelings while in POIS, and these anxious feelings would often spin out of control to near panic, accompanied by a constant elevated heartbeat and inability to focus on anything. I'm no medical expert but that sure seems like a parasympathetic nervous system that is not able to function properly. And what does your parasympathetic nervous system need to function properly? Choline.

The fact that I can take such high daily doses of choline supplements while a lot of people say that even small doses of choline supplements sends them into deep negative side effects says to me that maybe my body is starved of choline.

I sure hope works...

POIS Research / Re: Muon's Case
« Last post by Muon on Today at 02:43:53 PM »
I wonder whether there is a neurovascular response involved accompanied with inflammation during sexual arousal and orgasm. I feel changes in systemic circulation, stiffness/tension, systemic inflammation, look more pale. Aside from that, I wonder if low grade stress and high ambient temperature taps into the same pathway as sexual arousal. Had some mild systemic inflammation, the feel of poorer circulation, slightly lack of oxygen upon arousal and were briefly relieved by orgasm. Increased activity of middle of head always seems to play a role.
Shortcut to Quantum’s POIS Types Chart and their possible relief methods:

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Introduction, Forum Rules and Admins Messages / Re: Admin Corner
« Last post by demografx on Today at 09:56:57 AM »

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POIS Research / Re: San Diego Sexual Medicine's POIS Research / Kit's Case
« Last post by Muon on Today at 04:16:08 AM »
Goldstein, Hellstrom, Komisaruk and many more are part of an international multidisciplinary research group discussing how to approach POIS with regards to research. They do not have any standardized treatment to offer at this point in time so you will probably run into a wall. I have shared some ideas with them. There will be a recruitment phase in the near future if there are no setbacks. They want to offer international patients the opportunity to participate in research.
POIS Research / Re: San Diego Sexual Medicine's POIS Research / Kit's Case
« Last post by Kit on August 08, 2022, 10:51:37 PM »
Hi Mr. Raba and Disaster. Thanks for the messages, I will get to them tomorrow. I have been dealing with chronic health issues and I am trying to heal. Thank you so much for your patience!
« Last post by Kit on August 08, 2022, 10:44:06 PM »
I tried to participate in this study over 2 years ago and when I met one of the researchers, it seemed very off to me so I never pursued it. I have been malpracticed by Dr. I Goldstein, a doctor that this forum recommended (guy is highly irresponsible and is still being recommended by the forum, so who really wants to help who?). I really hope that members are being safe when participating in these studies, and I will fully support them if they feel that they have been harmed as a result of negligence or irresponsibility from the doctors or researchers that this forum is mentioning. I would also like admins to do the same. Mistakes happen, but irresponsibility, negligence, and intentional lies are different and should be held accountable. I just hope that members are able to find their relief method on time from people they can truly trust and the information they create so that they can pursue happier lives.
POIS Research / Re: Muon's Case
« Last post by Muon on August 08, 2022, 03:47:47 PM »
My mucus production (throat, mouth) is suboptimal. I get the impression that this situation makes me more susceptible to food sensitivities.
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Got Cured
« Last post by lw on August 08, 2022, 01:02:56 PM »
I know the POIS is different but I still find this picture funny
Poll Center / Re: Stress Susceptibility
« Last post by lw on August 08, 2022, 12:47:22 PM »
I used to masturbate a lot during stress (to porn). After orgasm I would feel guilty because dizziness made me unproductive, I would be worried and stressed about work I wasn't doing and what a half human I was. So orgasm had inverse effect but cycle repeated because of my addiction. I think that's how the illness started for me
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