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Re: Ideas on Herpes Induced POIS
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So what you are saying is that there is a second wave of vasodilation mediated by viral replication. Shouldn't vasoconstrictors/beta blockers work for POIS then? Prevent the first wave of vasodilation triggered by catecholamines to avoid viral replication.

Yes that is correct Muon, 2 phases vasodilation and blocking it should block POIS! I actual did a trial of Excedrin (migraine headache medicine) to test the vasoconstriction hypothesis I mentioned earlier before writing the above post.
So I am wonder if POIS requires:
1. vasodilation of a damaged blood vessel in the brain
2. a triggerable virus that induces systemic immune response/chemotaxis

Can someone disprove this hypothesis or show where it is lacking?
For example:
1. Can vasocontriction of blood vessels in the brain stop POIS?
2. Can inhibition of virus replication stop POIS?
I believe that orgasm releases vasodilators noradrenaline, adrenaline of the peripheral and central nervous system and also glutamate of the central nervous system. If the tissue that the virus infects is injured, there is an inflammatory stress response (NF-kB, COX, etc...) associated with the vasodilation (vascular stretching). In the second phase, the epithelia is reinjured by the immune system fighting the virus (vasodilation (histamine, NO) and chemotaxis (chemokines, IL-8, etc...)). In principle, Beta2-blockers could help block POIS in the periphery, but it would not stop glutamate induced vasodilation in the brain. Glutamate release is required for orgasm for all healthy individuals.

  Also, I have to add that HSV-1, VZV, and EBV could have different mechanisms with different symptoms. Because I don't have an HSV-1 infection, someone with HSV-1 could have additional symptoms and experiences that do not correlate with my own. But in all of the herpes viruses, herpes latency connects neurotransmitter receptors to the inflammatory cascades (NF-kB, COX, etc...).


I think coffee is a good option. It activates the central nervous system and is still a cholinesterase inhibitor. For some members of the forum green tea has worked, I believe it is due to the effect of caffeine.
For me, coffee greatly improves my mood, but I try to take it only in more extreme cases not to get too excited.
I tried caffeine as part of an Excedrin trial before writing the previous post.
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Re: Ideas on Herpes Induced POIS
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Well i remeber times when i was in enormes stress, and i didnt know what stres is at all, andrenal fatigue and of course POIS. I thouse times aded 1 cup of cofee on all thouse body conditions was devastating on me. On hi adrenaline and cortisol you put cofee bevarages in and you will be crashed!
Today when my health is  big damaged from pois , cofee is good stuff from clearing fatigue and brain fog for couple of hours when i out of pois days.
But if you are damaged from pois, and ewan out of pois-hawing cofee on sewere stifed muscules, respiratory colapsing, impaired digestion, insomnia, pots etc- i do not think that is smart idea for cofee in those moments.

Guys, togedther we can beat this sxeaty illnes.
Nana thanks for your testing you done, that is the only whey and only our chance.
To focus more and more and focus as much is posible to eliminate posible couses one by one.
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Re: Ideas on Herpes Induced POIS
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Hi nanna,

If (vascular/lymphatic) endothelial cells are being activated in this process then you could check for Weibel-Palade bodies in serum like IL-8, vWF, P-selectin etc. If you have high levels of these you could check for VEGF next:

If there is mast cell activation present then endothelial cells will probably be affected, high concentrations are close to the endothelium.
This could explain (see figure 3  )
-Your low neutrophil levels due to extravasation.
-My low CD57 NK cells due to the same mechanism.
-Decreased levels of leukocytes levels seen in members of my family
Activation of endothelial cells due to VEGF release of mast cells, could explain my IL-8
This could also explain elevated Lp-PLA2 levels seen in my brother

So the point I want to make is that mast cells may be responsible for vascular problems. A Negative tryptase result does not rule out mast cell activation, it does rule out mastocytosis.
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Re: Ideas on Herpes Induced POIS
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is there  a way to block glutamate induced vasodilation. Based on this theory is msg a problem and how about exercise aerobics and weight lifting.
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