Author Topic: Seminal Vesicles - Jelly or no jelly, different symptoms  (Read 482 times)


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Seminal Vesicles - Jelly or no jelly, different symptoms
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:43:52 PM »
Hi guys,

I've been a part of this board for a few weeks now. After getting some good advice from a few of you guys, I've come to realize that NSAID's, namely Advil, taken 60 min. before orgasm greatly or almost completely reduce my POIS symptoms to 10%, sometimes 0%. It's finally freeing, but I absolutely hate taking it. I now know something is going on with prostaglandins. I've read online for a while here that the seminal vesicles are one of the prime locations of where prostaglandins are released in the seminal fluid. I also have read that the seminal vesicles are responsible for a majority of the fluid making up the semen. Here's something interesting.

When I took Ibuprofen a few weeks ago and waited a full 60 min. until orgasm, I had extremely fluid semen. This was one of the rare times I had absolutely no POIS whatsoever following orgasm.

A week later I orgasmed again without Ibuprofen, this time I got horrendous anxiety and panic symptoms within 20 min. as well as the allergy thing for a full 2-3 days following. Not only that, but I notice that when I get POIS, I get these weird jelly balls at the end of my orgasm. When I don't get the jelly balls, I don't get POIS.

I'm assuming these jelly balls are harmless, as I've read on countless forums, but I don't know. Why would I not get jelly balls after I take Ibuprofen? I also have much more ejaculatory strength after taking Ibuprofen a full hour before. When I get the jelly balls, I have extremely weak orgasms and the jelly balls come at the end of the orgasm. Could these be causing my inflammation? Where would the inflammation be happening? I can only think of two places, the prostate and seminal vesicles.

I'm 32 and I had my first prostate exam last Tuesday. The doctor said it was completely fine with no inflammation and no signs of cancer (PHEW!). It did feel awfully tender though when he touched it. I didn't mention the jelly balls or the anxiety I get after orgasm. I didn't want him to think I was insane (any time I mention the word anxiety to a doctor they instantly write me off). I WAS having pelvic pain under the pubic bone though, and lower back pain which is what warranted me coming in there.

I've read that those same symptoms can be happening because of inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Maybe that organ is what is causing all of my POIS? Not sure how to make it better if something is wrong with it. They say you get those jelly balls from not orgasming, but I orgasm pretty much once or twice every week.

Thoughts? I remember reading something on poiscenter about the seminal vesicles and a possible connection but I can't find it now. Hope you all are doing well on this veterans day!! Take care.


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Re: Seminal Vesicles - Jelly or no jelly, different symptoms
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 10:47:36 PM »
Great, TT, that you have found a consistent way to releif your symptoms !  Other members, as you know, have control over their POIS by the same mehtod, that is, taking ibuprofen before O.

I do not have that "jelly balls" phenomena, so I can't comment on that.  But for sure, your observations tend to show that, in your case, there is a link between this phenomena and your POIS.

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