Author Topic: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack  (Read 9466 times)


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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
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Thank you Nana!
There is not an understandable malfunction, the intestine, the sinuses have this inflammation, edema. Perhaps something is not assimilated in the intestine. Or it is a hormonal failure, but it would have turned into a familiar disease for so much time or it is a genetic malfunction in the receptors. I do not know.
I hope that the real cause of the occurrence will be found, and it will be curable!


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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
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I've been tested for IL-6, TNF-alpha and NF-kB multiple times all with normal outcomes.


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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
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Hello Nanna,
Thanks for the reply,
So yeah I did eventually realize that Benfotiamine is b1 because I mainly thought B1 was thaimine, my bad. And btw, Mine has about 250 benfotiamine and only 10mg thiamine.

1- I haven't checked my D3 levels but at the start I did take about 1000IU daily, I'm brown skinned and I live at a scorching hot area so I do assume low levels.
2- I do try to take them on O days but it still does not give full effect, usually I wait the two days period to gain the full effect.
3- I don't usually eat alot of meat, my daily diet is usually heavy on non-meat; I take eggs/cheese and bread with some tea, lunch is usually rice and broth, I don't eat the meat usually and sometimes my broth is purely vegetarian, and dinner is where I either skip it or eat what ever. I'm afraid that my ability to diet is not so good; I don't live in the most economically rich areas in the world and I don't know how to cook anyways so my food supply still comes from my mom's kitchen unfortunately. Yet I do try to eat healthier ( and greasy food make me sick anyways ).   
4- I can give you a good example of what I'm currently taking:
       Morning: 1- Sam-e 200mg
                     2- Metafolin 200mg ( even though I'm trying to cut it out currently )
                     3- b12 50 mcg
                     4- B6 1/4 of a bite of a 25mg tablet
                     5- Lecithin 1.5 ( even though I just realized that it is fat soluble )
        After meal:
                     1- Omega 3 ( 1060 EPA & 260 DHA )
                     2- Benfotiamine 250mg
                     3- D3 1000IU
5- I also wanted to tell you that I had cut the stack for ~3 days and on Wednesday I was the most energized and social since the entirety of 2017 and cognitively I was much much better. That was very weird for me and that actually made me think about, perhaps cutting the stack usage when I'm 100% ( on the third day ) ? Or it could be just a coincidence, I honestly don't, will be experimenting further. 
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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
« Reply #153 on: January 12, 2018, 06:45:37 PM »
Hi Nas,

  That's awesome you are seeing results. Keep listening to your body to see what works best for you. I take around 1800mg omega-3 EPA and 2000IU of D3 per day and on orgasms days I usually take 2 x 200mg of SAM-e (400mg). To save money, I have started taking alphaGPC, SAM-e and B1 only on orgasm days. Cutting the stack when you don't need it sounds like a useful strategy to guard against any tolerance that might develop to SAM-e. Thanks for sharing that part  ;) . B6 should also help prevent tolerance to SAM-e.

  I'm cautious about pausing and resuming omega-3 and D3 since they take days to fully build up in the body. So for me, I always take those two supplements.

  In a new development on my side, I have started experimenting with tocotrienols which are rare forms of vitamin E. I did a post about it. It just came in two days ago and subjectively today have noticed more creativity and quickness in my thoughts. And also I feel more resilient to stress. Not much worries me. I'm not entirely sure this is due to the tocotrienols since it has only been two days, but my ultimate goal is to replace/eliminate/reduce the three most expensive parts of the stack (SAM-e/alphaGPC/omega-3). This is not something I would suggest others do. I'm more curious to see if I can reduce the number of pills I take (and save some money).


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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
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I just ordered Nana’s stack. In The Netherlands I can’t buy MuscleTech Omega 4X SX7 Black Onyx 100 softgels. So I have the vitamine D3 and the fish oil sepatertly. I only found fish oil with 504 mg EPA and 378 mg DHA. It’s expensive and a lot of vitamins to take in a day, but let’s give this a try.
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POIS since 2000. Very bad since 2008. I knew that I have POIS since June 2010. Desensitization since March 2011. I stopped with desens in July 2016. I have 70% less POIS. And only 1 day of POIS. Purified CBD works for me.


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Re: POIS cure: theory & supplement stack
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A pill organizers makes it easier.