Author Topic: My journey from despondency to freedom.  (Read 4087 times)


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Re: My journey from despondency to freedom.
« Reply #15 on: July 13, 2017, 05:32:39 AM »
It seems that this POIS episode is less severe than others. I had a good sleep, something which is really complicated while in POIS and I feel that I can interact with other people in a normal way. However, brain fog made an appearance yesterday at night and I cannot say that I'm 100% OK at this moment but I think we could be onto something. I recognize that this could be for other reasons, since I didn't have an O. since 10 days ago and I was feeling very energized.

I hope to shed more light on this issue during the following days.


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Re: My journey from despondency to freedom.
« Reply #16 on: July 23, 2017, 10:43:38 PM »
Hello everyone
I've been meaning to stop by but have been waiting on my replacement keyboard to arrive.  Anyhow I'm doing well and I just want to encourage you all to stay hopefull.  There were times over the last few years that I felt hopeless having such strong desires and no way to release them without suffering.  I'm hear to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and I understand many of you are undergoing great trials and tribulations and for that i'm sorry, I know what your going through. 

Observer, 79 should be adequate for ferritin, I was personally aiming to be in the 75-125 range.  When it comes to the blood b12 and copper also play a very big role aswell.  While some of the reference levels set by medical establishments are in my opinion set at the very bottom or too low one still has to be cautious since iron, copper and other metals can be too high.  Balance is the key. 

So heres where I'm at currently.  I have a habit of refraing from ejaculatiing as long as possible after years of poise but ive released recently after a 10 day "charging" period and felt fine.  A few days ago I had two back to back releases and thought I might be pushing my luck but Im at day three and I feel fanatasic!  Even recently I would get a little edgy at the 48 hour mark post o but I seem to be over that too. 

I just learned some more very interesting info about gut health which I'm starting to think may be a key player in this and many other conditions.  Most people are aware of gluten and that it can cause gut issues, leaky gut ect.  This can happen even if your not celiac but just sensitive to gluten.  Check out "Whats with Wheat" on Netflix for more on wheat.  What I just learned is that there is Type 1 and type 2 casein protien found in dairy.  Dairy from Holsteins and Fresians are very high in type 1 casein which is awfull for a large percentage of the population.  Type 1 casein acts like gluten, causes leaky gut, neurolgical issues and like gluten stimulates the opiode recepters in the brain potentially causing fogginess and definatly causing addiction.  Most people have issues with dairy so its worth looking into.  You could search for casomorphin, type 1 casien and inflamation ect.  If you suffer currently or during childhood from sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, asthma, allergies, tonsilitis, or bronchitis its likely a type 1 casein issue. 

Another interesting tidbit of info is that your body cannot absorb vitamin C and sugar simultaneously.  It turns out people with certain cardiovascular issues actually have a low grade scurvy.  without enough vitamin c the body cannot properly form collagen and in the blood vessels this causes tears that are then patched with cholesterol which builds up and causes blockages.  This happens in the digestive track aswell, tiny  tears develop causing a leaky gut, food passes through these tears and causes an autoimmune response.  This been blamed on saturated fat and treated with sythetic pharmacueticals but the problem is too much sugar.  Both Dr Darren Shmidt and Dr Berg on Youtube have videos explaining this. 

One thing id like to mention is that in hindsight instead of supplementing with ferrochel iron chelate I would have first tried an organic grassfed undefatted desicated beef liver supplement as its a more natural way to supplement iron and has numerous other benefits including all the b complex especially b12 and all the fat soluble vitamins a,e,d,and k.  I jus started taking 3 grams of these liver pills a couple of days ago but i've been feeling incredible.  I also just started taking Now foods digestive enzymes one or two capsules before a meal to supercharge my digestive system. 

I had been on a grain free diet, no white potatoes and keeping carbs under 125g per day even if Im very active but I've no decided to go full paleo meaning no grains and no dairy.  I didnt come to this decision lighty as I REALLY enjoy cheese...But i'm off the dairy for awhile as an experiment.  I may try adding back in type 2 dairy later on, stuff like goat and sheep cheeses, and kefir preferably grassfed and unpastuerized and organic/fermented. 

I'm still taking a little tyrosine, b6, zinc especially after release and I always supplement a lot of magnesium.  I've been eating 5-7 cups of greens everyday to help the digetive flora and for the potassium.  I just started experimenting with rhodiola as well, strong stuff...

Well I'm starting to feel narcacistic talking about myself so much and this is very unstructured already so I think I'll leave it at that.  If anyone needs any clarification on any of the above just let me know.  Godspeed Gentlemen.